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Tyler Brown

My passion for fishing started when I was very young.  My father started taking me to the Valentine National Wildlife Refuge when I was five years old.  Living in Valentine, NE gave me access to many great lakes. My father and I would fish for trophy bluegill, crappie, and northern pike through the ice and open water.  My love of fishing gave me the drive and ambition to teach myself how to catch walleye, catfish, and musky. I also taught myself how to fly fish.  It was a pleasure being able to teach my lifelong fishing partner, my father, how to catch other species. Being able to start my own guide service, Tooth & Whisker, has been a lifelong dream. My expertise catching various species has grown significantly and allows me to satisfy the interests of my diverse clientele.  It’s truly a pleasure watching the satisfaction of my clients as they catch the fish of a lifetime while enjoying the outdoors.  It’s also fulfilling to know I can offer families experiences together that they will remember for years.

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